The Best Home Remedy For Cold And Flu

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When we look into the common cold it is a viral illness that affects the upper respiratory system. Symptoms are normally runny nose, chest congestion, cough and watery eyes. When we consider flu also known as influenza it results in nausea, vomiting and fever. There is no cure for these illness, but certain kinds of herbal tea Australia can relieve these symptoms and make you feel a lot better. One such tea is the ginger tea, it is made from dried ginger root or fresh ones.

The best feature about it is that it helps you relive nasal and chest congestion. According to research a chemical component found in it helps your body fight against the cold and flu causing virus. This then helps you have a speedy recovery from the flu and cold.Another cheap herbal tea online that is great to fight cough is peppermint. The special thing about peppermint is that it contains a chemical known as menthol. Which is a perfect to relieve congestion and it encourages productive coughs. Research shows that the oil in the peppermint leaf has various antiviral aspects. It especially prevents the spread of viruses. The eucalyptus plant also has similar benefits. It has been used widely in the pre historic times to treat fever. The main feature of it is that it loosens up phlegm and thus the chest congestion. It is said that the compound found in it known as eucalyptol even destroys the influenza causing virus.The interesting thing about these teas is that they offer different flavors and also different floral that gives it a very delightful taste.

And they have so many healing properties that of great benefit for you on a daily basis and when you are ill. There is an endless combination of such herbal teas that can be used to create your own herbal tea. Along with helping you soothe your cold and flu symptoms. When you have them on a regular basis it can also provide your daily nutrition. Because these herbal ingredients also gives your tea such subtle flavor to it. When your tea has a good flavor it easy to avoid sweetness so it a good way to cut on sugar as well.These are the added benefits of the herbal teas. The common factor in all the ingredients discussed above is that they all offer effective properties against cold and flu symptoms. And relieve these symptoms in the most natural way. Hence why it is just about the perfect remedy for common cold and flu.

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